Ask, and you shall receive (answers).

Christmas is a day for big meals with the family, and many of you are in the kitchen today. Do you have a last minute cooking question? Drop me a line!

Happy holidays!


One thought on “Ask, and you shall receive (answers).

  1. tanya says:

    Hi Wendy. I’m having a New Year’s party as you may know (hope you can make it). I would like to prepare something to eat in advance, since I’ll be working that day. Party starts at 8:30 so I’m not serving dinner, but rather would like people to have something to eat if they didn’t have a full dinner or are simply hungry! I was thinking of a stew of some kind and maybe rice. My oven is broken so I can’t bake. Would love a relatively simple suggestion that I can make the night before. Also – do you have tips for making perfect rice, including which variety to choose? I don’t make rice very much and results vary. Would hate to make a big pot of crappy rice. On the other hand, I could make pasta or something else, too. Would love to hear what you suggest! Another issue – I only have one big pot….


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