Random Thoughts

He’s back at it.

Facebook amigo David Logue has posed some interesting questions to his friends. Wheat or potatoes? Nina Simone or Ray Charles? As I wrote here, Logue crafted tournaments of music and foods and posed daily matchups to his friends, winnowing the preferences in each case down to an ultimate selection. The Beatles vs. Zeppelin. Tomatoes vs. garlic. The comments these head-to-head battles provoked were as interesting as the matches themselves.

And so Logue visits the life of the mind with a new poll, this one about happiness. “Music and food were a gas, but now it’s time for something terrible and honest. In the new poll, you will be able to choose between two of Life’s pleasures based on the conceit that you can never again experience the one that you do not choose.”

So far, music has whomped movies and pets trounced video games. The question of the day: memories or dreams? I chose memories. What cook – what food person – wouldn’t?

I’ll be interviewing Logue about the Happiness Poll, but in the meantime, what about you? Memories or dreams? Do you reminisce about that great short rib at Craft, the yakitori and cold Sapporo from the stand next to that train station in Tokyo, the corn on the cob and scoop of peach ice cream with your family every Fourth of July? Or do you dream about dinner at Noma?